A little bit of you

A poem to God

As the wind showed off its force,

the resilience of the bird pushed through,

It is said in nature wisdom is sought to be found,

For all she has to share is already within,

How silly of one to think of Self separate to nature,

when it is the trees that give air,

The water that nourishes the living body,

Or the healing medicine of it’s land and plants,

To think of Self as lonely, oh what a lie,

How can thee ever be alone in the abundance of her Creator?

A spark of Him, for He is never in lack,

For no swan or bird thinks of loneliness,

Seek through His love the hearts desires,

Ever so sufficient in His Holy presence,

A lifetime of worries released through,

An ocean of tears turned to springs and waterfalls,

A home for the living souls,

How could anything of Thy creation be of desperation or despair,

In the Presence of its Creator,

How can Self ever be in lack,

In the eyes of its Creator,

For the free will of choosing Him,

Makes the heart fonder of His love,

An abundance of treasure,

The living cells of creation,

the everlasting force of energy,

the eternity of love,

the true romantic story,

the true beloved,

the only home,

the purity of Self,

the mender of all hearts,

For how can there ever be lack in thy Creation,

In such Creation, no Self could ever be alone,

For the abundance of His sparks is everywhere,

In a replicate lover,

a friend,

a companion,

One could never be alone,

The journey of Self home,

Left and right,

Roads not taken and roads taken,

Nothing but roads,

For all roads lead back to Him.



"Life imitates art”

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