Dissolving War Timelines

Sidra Al Mekdad
2 min readMar 30, 2022

Integration of Self back to Core frequency — God

The creation of war is a tool for darkness to infiltrate the imagination through the emotional experience of fear and scarcity. The emotional experience of fear and scarcity created a hole in one’s field through the illusion of separation of Self — an internal conflict or war.

War is birthed through the womb of separation of Self from God. Holding such frequency in the womb as a female incarnate feeds the masculine through the reversal fields of integration. When men are meant to protect the integration, the infiltration is manifesting the protection through fighting. In other words, men are fighting men — fighting their own resonance of creation deepening the separation (creating more war).

Division is the manifest of the separation of Self from God. When one is integrated with Self and experiences such through the lens of God, the separation is then dissolved and no longer resonant to the “darkness”. It is what it is and in the “is-ness” a mere observant rather than a cable plugged into its consciousness.

Therefore to dissolve the power given to war is by dissolving the separation withheld in one’s vessel — body- and alchemized back into its organic state of integration with The One. War is a mere mirror — manifest — to an internal war — separation — within.

Alchemize the Self back to God for where infinite and eternal breath of life flourishes and exists is in the frequency of Eden 🌸