Distorted Desires

Clean your desires for a better, sustainable, and authentic decision making.

When one feels seen as one belongs to God and therefore is authentically and naturally seen, then there’s a natural process for dissolving the ego-lens.

Much of what one desires to seek is a mere reflection for the lack of that exterior desire.

In the attempt of experiencing zero-point/neutrality, one is stripped off any desire for external validation and motive. It is not to say desire by means is serving the ego-self, however, the underlying desire to desire is. “Wanting”. Having.

Do you not feel enough already?

The ego-self is never satisfied and so requires more. It is not in the eternal now of wholeness, rather it rejects the eternal now for there should lie another reality of which the distorted desire is then expressed.

The living truth of one is the eternal form of expression. It is liquid, pure, and devoted to the absolute creation, God. The absolute is recognized from within not externally.

A desire for that of which is outside is solid structure for which one must follow a set of rules to achieve. It is ego-lens.

However, the liquidity in form is an expression of the desire that is naturally manifested in the natural form of expression within moments.

A natural form of expression will always be expressed as the underlying motive is at zero-point, neutral, balanced. It is only an expression of eternal desire, purity and innocence, not a finite desire which meets an end and is no longer required when the desire is met.

This requires consistency of exercising a practice of holding space for fears and limiting thoughts showing up as the ego is designed to protect, and this experience will feel threatening and unsafe for its survival mechanisms. However, this is where a strong faith and will of power is manifested in its coherent state.

When one witnesses the fears in zero-point/neutrality, there will be clarity for what is hidden within. Another location to be healed and fulfilled rather than acted upon or used as a motive to manifest an external desire or reality.



"Life imitates art”

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