Sidra Al Mekdad
4 min readAug 15, 2021

The process of birth is already a trauma for the soul. The physical manifestation of a human’s mind cannot fathom understanding that the separation (birth) is merely an illusion. One was never separated from God, however, the capacity of the mind to understand that is not as easy at first. It is thought because one has a body and another has another body of its own that all beings are separate. Beyond the realms of the seeing eye lies the laws of physics: sound, waves, frequency, light, and tone. Using these elements to understand the scientific connection allows for the mind to begin comprehending the illusion of separation for all beings are connected.

As a result of the illusion, loneliness comes through if the child has not been taught from a young age the connection process. The child grows to think that the mother and father are separate and therefore requires tactics to call upon their attention to meet the child’s needs. It is not the physical mother or father the child seeks, it is rather the traits and attributions provided by the father/mother. Therefore it is seen as external and must come from the outside to fulfill the self from within.

The truth, however, is not all needs will ever be fulfilled. The distortion in mother/father relationship to the child will remain distorted if a dependency was created.

If not fulfilled, it is sought externally. The child, now an adult, will seek the father/mother attributes in another. This is where it is experienced prominently in intimate relationships. It is not possible for a relationship to be fulfilled based on the expectation of the other fulfilling one’s father/mother complex. The solution lies in fulfilling it with Source/God. Purifying the experience and love of a relationship is firstly done by purifying the relationship with God, an internal process. To know, feel, experience God, one must go within. This is where all religious and non-religious rituals and practices were initiated prior to distortion. All of life teaches to go within.

The connection process provides a healthy secured attachment, between the parents and the child. It builds a healthy level of communication whereby the child feels secured to express the unmet needs and whether those needs can be self-attained.

Relationships and life will always seem hard and complicated if the road taken by the individual is through external fulfillment rather than internal fulfillment. The internal fulfillment comes through when the relationship of the self is healed with God and the mother/father attributes are directed to Source/God instead of the physical manifestation of these attributes within the father/mother. Once the foundation is built and held, all relationships with the physical mother/father, partner, friend, boss, are then simplified and purified. Needless to say, there won’t be challenges, but the narrative of trauma drama is disregarded from the self. The self knows the truth, knows where to feel supported, knows who trust, knows and feels complete and whole, is then not intimidated by the other nor dependent on external validation or fulfillment. The lack of all this is manifested in the concept of loneliness.

Loneliness is the facade to hidden consumptive desires. Consumptive behaviors of desiring to be needed, loved, taken care of, reassured, validated, worthy of another, and so forth. The absence or lack thereof of these desires allows for one to feel “lonely”. It is the distortion from the truth that one is never alone or unsupported. When the glass is filled, there is no other way to see it or experience it other than fulfillment and trust it is filled.

It is not possible to ever be lonely. The truth is simple. There is no life without a Source/God. It is not religious or dogmatic, it is the simple truth as life could not have been present without God. Believing otherwise is another distortion used as a division tactic for control. When one feels lonely individuation is then experienced, separation from God and others.

The mainstream daily lives of all have been a major distraction from the remembrance of the truth. One claims to have no time for all this. The irony is, eternal, true, and sustainable happiness and fulfillment will never be attained otherwise. To think denying or avoiding the reality of the father/mother complex is the biggest lie one can live in. There will always be disappointment, anger, sadness, or resentment when this relationship is not healed and fully integrated.

Denying the truth means experiencing distortion and lower strands of emotions and experiences. Acceptance of the eternal while simultaneously healing wounds, and meeting one’s needs creates higher dimensions of joy & fulfillment.

It is the simple truth expressed over and over again in infinite ways despite the distortion in the explanation provided. It is the truth. “.. and to God, we shall return..”