Transactional love vs Soulful Love

The first step for any connection with another is to understand what makes or breaks a connection despite all the love felt.

In brief, soulful love is the unconditional love exchanged between souls that can be soulmates, soul family, or a self embodiment of godly love. It is love beyond measure and beyond transactional love.

On the other hand, transactional love is a verb, it’s the act of translation of the soulful love into the physical relational exchange. The day-to-day human transaction involves transactional love. One might feel pure love for another, yet not remain in physical contact.

The encryption of soulful love is subject to one’s own personal human transactions. If one’s dictionary is unorganized, not well defined, not original, filled with distortions, or out of order, the encryption of the message will be distorted, lost in translation, and not purely defined. It’ll contain bias and denial of the truth as the message is being encrypted to meet the desire of one’s ego.

Pure encryption of the message is when one’s own personal transaction with Self is based on purity, truth, integrity, order, and principles. In such a sense, soulful love can manifest in transactional love.

When two souls share soulful love, it is the conscious choice of each to either create a disharmony in the transactional love thereby causing a physical separation or the choice to create a harmonious transactional love by which both are solely responsible for their personal’s ego pathologies for the existence of a physical union.

Occasionally, a great relationship formed by a healthy transactional love can create a soulful love. A soulful love could manifest as unhealthy transactional love if the individuals remain in an egotistical container.



"Life imitates art”

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